About Us


Established in the year 1916, A. A. Kothambawala Co. is one of Bahrain's leading suppliers of construction hardware, fasteners and electrical products. We started our business at a time when the construction industry had just begun flourishing. We have since those early times been catering to some of the industry's most oldest and renowned companies while making sure that we ourselves have been at the bleeding edge when it comes to expertise and quality.

We have since then ventured into a vast product range catering not just to the construction company, but to major electro mechanical workshops, metal working workshops and heavy industries. We have also had the opportunity to do business with Government Organizations who diligently invite our business as a part of ongoing and upcoming projects taking place in the Kingdom Of Bahrain. While catering to such a large market and with the ever changing requirements of our esteemed clientele it is imperative that they are supplied what they need as soon as possible. At A. A. Kothambawala we realize this and with help of our dedicated staff are able to maintain a very vast and comprehensive inventory of products to fulfill the needs of our clients.