Rainbow Polypropylene Jump Ropes


  • A durable, fully-braided polypropylene rope resists fraying and prevents twisting, helping these jump ropes to remain tangle-free.
  • Safe, Durable Design – A single braided 1/2” dia polypropylene rope with knots at both ends offers a classic design that’s safe and easy to use. Ropes resist fraying and knotting and can even be put in the washing machine, preventing the spread of germs. The handle-free design eliminates hard or breakable parts, allowing these ropes to resist abuse to a higher degree.
  • Beginner Friendly – Lightweight, colorful, and soft—these ropes are perfect for beginners. They are comfortable in students’ hands, easy to turn, and won’t sting if they hit shins or legs on a missed jump.
  • Versatile Play – Vibrant Rainbow colors are attractive to students and useful for teachers. Color-coordinate groups or teams, set up stations with different rope games, or assign specific jumps based on rope colors to keep activities exciting on all levels. Use the 16’L ropes for Double-Dutch jumping. Designed for indoor use.